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Art. N. 690

Titanium camping set with ceramic CERALON R  non-stick coating
Made of high quality titanium Gr. 1., thickness 0,5 mm . The pots and pan/lid are inside coated with ultra hard Ceramic non-stick coating. It is smooth non porous hard coating, which is more resistant to thermal shock, scratching and abrasions and has excelent non-stick properities. Heat resistant up to 400 o C , PTFE and PFOA * free - ecological coating.
The pot and pan/lid are strengthened with the rolled rims (in order to achieve a stability and protection  against deformation). The size of bottom radius is adapted to the simple cooking (stirring) and cleaning. The bigger pot has an extruded circle (slip resistant) on the bottom, which is designed to fix the pot on the stove burner. The pots and lid are furnished with a folding wire handle (Ti wire), covered with silicone sheeting as a skin-burn protection (max. 250 o C ).  The pots have volume scale marks determining the volume in litres

* PFOA - Perfluorooctanoic Acid is a solvent that was required in order to manufacture heat and chemical resistant materials as applied to cookware.

PTFE - polytetrafluoroethylene is a fluorocarbon solid used as non- stick coating ( Teflon, Greblon, Xylan, etc)

Bowl: Ø160 mm - 1.5 liter
Bowl: Ø160 mm - 1.0 liter
Pan/lid: Ø170 mm - 0.5 liter
Weight: 370 grams
Overall dimensions: Ø175 mm; Height: 100 mm